Posted on by Dylan Elmgreen

Surreal isn't it?  Yes, we recognize the beauty of the fact that Salvador Dali and Walt Disney actually did create an animated short film together. It turns out that whoever uploaded this video did us an even greater favor by perfectly placing music from Grimes, before she was corrupted by LA, over this wonderful film!  I am sure that you will enjoy this walk through the archetypal journey of someone finding themselves, and through this eventually finding love.  

In the short, it clearly shows spurts of Disney and Dali time after time, from one to the next and back again.  Yet there are definitely times when you see them both at once in the same frame as well.  This video is actually a fairly famous piece of Dali's work because there are numerous original pieces of his artwork out in the world because of the numerous frames that were created during this collaboration with Disney.
This is film shines with the beautiful experience of life. It speaks on a level that somewhere within everyone, we can all relate to.  Even if it is just in the world of our dreams or the inner knowing that there is always something more and always a way to make our dream comes true.  Life is a beautiful adventure for us to choose which way we want to shine our light.  
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