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Talk about visionary, these temples of worship have been around for hundred of years. From the intricate designs and patterns you can see that these are very intentional sacred sites that induce a very mystical state just by looking at their architecture.  The repeating patterns of the tiles and raised areas give the viewer a sense of psychedelia purely by sight alone!  Meditating on these designs will help anyone access the deeper spiritual centers of their being as they contemplate the sacredness of the natural flows that spiral forth through all of nature.

These beautiful photographs do a wonderful job capturing the energy of the temples.  The artistic quality of the craftsmanship of the places of worship is near perfection in their creation of mosaics and architecture. 

This is what the photographer had to say about these images that he took using a fisheye lens in these temples.

Mohammad said: 'In Iran, we have many historical sites - but some of the greatest are places of worship like mosques.'

'As we have a grand mosque in every big city there are many historical buildings with lots of beautiful mosaics to capture.'

'I like looking for the symmetry, mosaics and artworks in these temples.'

'I like how they let the light come inside and columns are special too as they divide interior space and give some depth.'

'Maybe some of these historical sites will not exist in 20 years or change a lot during that time.'

'When I am capturing these pictures, I think about how they will be recorded and in future I hope people will be able to see their beauty.'


Remarkable beauty: An amazing photo of the incredible Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, taken with a fisheye lens.

Hidden details: Mohammad Domiri creates his works using a variety of techniques such as panoramic shots. Seen here is the ceiling of the Dolat Abad in Yazd.

Architectural beauty: Domiri captures the Ornate arches at the Vakil Bathhouse in Shiraz.

Inspired: The Iranian photographer spends hours researching which famous architecture he should photograph next - the Seyyed Mosque in Isfahan is pictured here.


A kaleidoscope of colors: The Middle Eastern temples are celebrated for their ornate ceilings, like this one in the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan.


Nasir Al-Mulk: Once inside the intricately-designed places of worship Domiri focuses on ceiling patterns, columns and stained glass windows for inspiration.


Incredible patterns: Domiri's eye-catching photograph of the ceiling of the Music Hall, Aliqapu Palace in Isfahan.

The stunning snaps capture the hidden detail of the Middle Easts grandest temples, including the Chehel Sotoun, in Isfahan.

Architectural triumphs: Domiri photographed various temples around the Middle East, including the Vakil Mosque, pictured here.


Pretty in pink: Columns, colors and light at the Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz.

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